Monday, August 19, 2013


Since I am trying so hard to serve fresh, local foods to the family, what better way to do that than having my own garden? Problem is, I thought everything I really wanted was nearing the end of its growing season, mainly because all the lettuce and broccoli I had previously planted is done with and gone. 

As I was walking through the backyard the other day, though, I noticed that my broccoli plants were growing broccoli again. Weird. On my forays around the interwebz, however, I found that you can plant broccoli, lettuce, and kale for a fall garden. I had already intended to plant carrots, even though I have yet to pull a purple carrot that is fully grown from the plot of carrots I had planted in April. So, of course, I'm thrilled to be able to plant more lettuce (whee!), my pepper plants just now got flowers on them (I'm thinking peppers in October?), and I know I'll have tomatoes ripening all the way to the end of September. I have every intention of making spaghetti sauce and freezing it with the overload of tomatoes that I know I will have.

Now if only I could motivate myself to make a batch of whole-wheat waffles or pancakes and freeze them as well. Also on my list: somehow find the money to buy a bunch of pastured chickens before the farmers market closes down. I make a mean chicken noodle soup, after all.

Not much will be happening tonight, though...I'll be returning to my Stephen King book shortly. :p

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